Formulated as a paradox to George Henry Lewer’s description on resultants and emergents, the title of the work suggests an unknown agency outside calculations when identifying the parts, processes and resultants of a system. In this case, a collection of images reminiscent of an incomplete illustrated archive displayed with no supporting description.

Not every resultant is clearly traceable in its components. Installation view. 2012

The installation is an arrangement of found material of vague content with no set of rules of interpretation, but scattered non-linear events that when linked together could point towards a complex chain of processes with no order or form. Here, the system as a whole cannot be reduced to the interpretation of each component. A specific univocal order will not arise as if there is an evident reading method of these elements of unlike kinds.


C 1 (Cover 1). Collage on found book cover. 2012


C 2 (Triple spread). Collage. 2012


C 3 (Diptych). Collage. 2012


C 4 (Cover 2). Collage on found book cover. 2012


C 5. Print on found bookplate. 2012

We may be ignorant of all the processes and agencies that take place in this informational content but we are still able to deduct a hidden narrative of the system. These plausible deductions are fashioned by each individual’s perspective as far-reaching constructions discerned by mere contemplation of both the components and the whole.

Even though we never know with absolute accuracy enough of all the factors to trace their real operation, we are still able to formulated ideal constructions that coalesce its components.