'Intersticio' traces the topography of a non-specific site - an in-between zone amid two different points - a mental place of fractured limits and larger amplitude to any physical location. The video presents, from the general to the specific, a panoramic view of a territory of a shifting and unresolved character composed of segmented events that emerge as vague intermittencies among the landscape.


This narration of fragmented and ambiguous descriptions portrays, by means of found images on digital archives, a site full of emotional and aesthetic resonances of permuting nature. The sense of permanent wandering designates an excursion with no precise destination, or that its destination changes progressively and as a consequence this one becomes unpredictable. This trajectory appears to be dictated by the circumstances of an open field, where concrete places are only points among a route, and it is the in-between moments and the continuous state of transition that are the ones that hold significance.

The video presents a journey through a territory comparable to the contemporary space. A world so ample that those spatial and temporal coordinates essential to historicity appear to be fading leaving behind impressions of unreality and dislocation, characteristic of our postmodern culture.


Intersticio. Video still. 2012


Intersticio. Video still. 2012


Intersticio. Video still. 2012


Intersticio. Video still. 2012

Audio translated to English
5 min. 36 sec.

All seems to have shifted
All appears out of place…
But from this place.

I believe to be a hundred and twenty kilometers from the previous point, a hundred and fifty from the next one. I do not need to arrive yet…
Tomorrow… In three days… Yet
Far from everything. A horizon saturated by the strange. Like a painting from Kiefer, constructed by a compound of units and configurationS of complex interpretation.

Even with my recent arrival, I perceive the construction of an organized moment to which I am part of. Like a new participant, I now find myself in an ephemeral instant, perishable, unique.
Being an intrusive agency, as a foreigner, that as a visitor brings with him a bagage loaded with foreign content, I do not possess the certain capacity to reach at first sight the different codes and signifiers around… and it is that this place is circular, a space that expands radially and circumscribes a concatenation of natural elements and artefacts from others.

Mountains… yes… I've seen many.
Plants, dirt, birds, clouds, walls, others.
Roofs, lines, furrows, trajectories… all evident forms, but strange and different due to this dislocation that fractures and isolates me from my present surroundings.
In the distance, a sign, to far to be read.
However it is not clear that the physical reality is useful to catalogue this system. A number of known referents appear altered, exchanged by strange variations from that which is familiar.

There is a certain logic among each element, and despite its oscilant character, everything around appears to be tied in a fabric of events connected by the constant variation of the scenario which they compose… Such as this one…
In front.
Even though its apparent immobility, it is inconsistent to time. Is no longer, now is other, and then other.

If a geographer, how would I trace its limits, irregular, diffused, partially open. this position does not allow descrying the boundaries of this place. Perhaps from the centre… In the centre, in the middle…
Perhaps not from its surface but above this one, from outside, from a satellite… Yes, from a satellite, and see its totality, the centre, the different zones, the in-between spaces, edges and peripheries…
And its profundity? Layers and strata? … This has no end.
Its limits are fractured. But at the same time it is not continuos, it is made out of parts, fragments, remains of apparent continuity without being contiguos.

The sun is an incessant distraction to any reachable mental elaboration. And it is that here the light is other; different from the subtle white layer that covers everything back home. Almost fluorescent. And by moments blurs the edges, crushing and levelling off everything as if it was a flat and unreal view…
Like a reprodduction. Projection. Like this.

I have arrived to an interstice, to an unresolved site. it is evident the great potential of change that rules, forms and deforms this place. I have arrived to this open field without stopping in it. This in-between zone is a point to abandon, to leave behind.
Only by a uninterrupted pace, these alien resonances triggered by a landscape abundant even though it's disperse appearance will continue emerging on the road.

Again that sharp light that fusions what it comes to reach. Including me, making me part of the ground.

After… Already outside, in another place.
And not under the bright amber that persecutes m.,
These solid representations revealed on paper, will only be annotations among a fragmented narration about all that which I leave behind.