And there they where,
standing still,
a collection of evidentiary fragments…


Playing dead. Installation view. Fold Gallery, London

‘Playing dead’ is a series of found negatives from the U.S Geological Survey Archive that exhibit four boulders taken from the shore of Lake Ontario in 1895.  The displacement of these rocks from their original site to an everyday location gives place to a narrative where the unanimated objects become characters sitting in front of us. The uncanny presence of the inert solids and the captions in each image portray the ordinary boulders as if ancient witnesses full of historical significance waiting to be deciphered.  The work presents an invitation to initiate a dialogue about the past with a series of listeners incapable to reply out loud.

playing dead elena damiani 1
And there they were. Print on found bookplate. 2011

Playing dead elena damiani 2
Sitting still. Print on found bookplate. 2011

playing dead elena damiani 3
A collection of evidentiary fragments. Print on found bookplate. 2011

playing dead 4
Waiting. Print on found bookplate. 2011