The installation is comprised of two sculptural assemblages and one collage that play on the concept of linearity, of breakage and juxtaposition, of flat surface and volume, addressing the potentiality of these materials to hold and unfold information or lose it through the gaps of its segmented surfaces. Their arrangement is not governed by any overarching logic, yet they activate associations recalling a sensibility for surface that is tangible throughout the installation.

The works present a dialectical tension between a whole and its parts. By means of connecting fragments, I aim to construct new arrangements and present them as wholes while exposing certain glitches of integration that echo their original context. In these compositions, each individual part may be considered a critical object, but it is the assemblage of these objects that functions as a new relational system.



It appeals to the spectator as a reader of surfaces of what is encountered. Fissures, stratifications, and stacked or rolled up pages, are cues - for the reader - in the process of scanning, which suggest that certain levels remain concealed and subterranean beneath the seemingly static exterior of the works.


Like a dormant volcano or the sluggishly inert marbles rods that rest on the floor, the installation entails a slow - almost sustained- time. As geological formations composed by physical-relational layers that indicate the passage of time, or as sets of pages that stand not as narrative structures constructed by text flow but by an associative system of textures, the pieces suggest the understanding of material as information and invite the viewer to engage in a closer reading of surfaces.


Excavating and Remembering. Hand-carved and polished travertine, cloth
hand-bound books, collage on found map and Kawanaka paper. 2013


Testigos. Hand-carved and polished travertine, resin, ebony veneer. 2013


The Surface Reader. Collage. Watercolour on handmade Lokta paper.2013


Concentrations. Hand-carved and polished travertine, resin. 2013