Displayed as a banner, a blown-up page from an invented book titled ‘The Art of Cartography and Excessive Maps’ shows a man on a giant theodolite performing some sort of triangulation task in a desolated land. The enlarged bookplate is composed by 64 prints on the back of found maps from a 1920’s Atlas that shape a deconstructed territory on the opposite side.


Una página, en una página. Installation view. 2012

All image, broken map and captions are references to Borges short story ‘On the Exactitude in Science’ where the Argentinian writer describes a fragmented fictional map of an Empire now scattered in the Deserts of the West.

This piece takes the viewer to a mental territory where the notions of absolute and accurate understanding that are immanent on cartographic science become useless. The map is a collection of fragments of a system, residues which do not need to be in order to emphasize the futility of understanding a territory as a real physical topography.


Una página, en una página (Detail). Print on found maps an Kawanaka paper. 2012