Starting from images found in digital archives, While Wandering portrays a series of forgotten objects in desolated landscapes. The fade out prints evoke those memory impressions that we wish to remember as if in the bright light of the present but then learn to cherish more in the fragmented and fragile way that they are offered to us. The title of the set of collages underlines a peripatetic character of the imagery and the notion of a journey as a means of gaining knowledge. The images present us crystallized glimpses captured in the course of a nomadic path through a wide territory. There are certain indicators in the depicted settings, which suggest that some kind of research or fieldwork was performed at these sites. However, even though some elements appear familiar we still do not possess the proper tools or further information to articulate a lucid understanding of what has been recorded here.


Triangulation. Print on found bookplate, tissue paper. 2012


Down by the water. Print on found bookplate, tissue paper. 2012


Proust's binoculoars. Print on found bookplate, tissue paper. 2012